Mechanical and laser engraving on stone

Engraving a stone
Engraving a stone
Engraving a slate plaque
Engraving a slate plaque
Engraving a funerary bas-relief
Engraving a funerary bas-relief
Laser engraving a chess board
Laser engraving a chess board
Engraving a stone

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A message engraved into stone is an enduring one.


Be it an engraving of a photograph on slate, a personalised motif on a stone, a decorative marble plaque or a piece of jewellery worked from natural stone... Every one of these objects is possible with the help of a Gravograph engraver! But what dictates your choice between a laser engraving machine or a mechanical engraver? Discover our engraving machines!

Petits fours tray Engraved and coloured funerary plaque Engraved marble monument

The choice for precision: Laser engraving

Laser engraving on stone produces a result similar to sandblasting or acid etching: a surface engraving that gives the impression that the stone has been bleached or abraded. The difference: stone engraving by laser does not require any consumables (such as stencil, acid, ink, etc) and produces instant results.


Laser engraving does not require the use of cutting tools and is therefore extremely fast and easy, without the need to hold the stone in place since lasering is a non-contact operation.


The laser beam impacts the surface of the mineral material being engraved to a depth of a few microns only. The finer the grain of the stone, the sharper and clearer the engraved mark!  The best results are achieved with darker stones as they provide greater contrast. The most suitable materials are:

  • Slate
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Basalt

Laser technology is suitable for engraving and personalising small and large items. The very fine laser beam diameter allows high graphic resolution and the large engraving area allows for large size items to be lasered. It is ideal for:

  • Engraving photographs, drawing and designs on a stone boards
  • Engraving on a stone, decorating a seashell
  • Decorative engraving on marble (wall panel, floor covering, furniture etc.)
  • Engraving on slate, personalisation for a coaster or serving mat
  • Funerary engraving on plaques, headstones, urns etc. 
Laser engraved slate Laser engraved funerary ornament Laser engraved chess board

Note: It is not possible to cut stone with a laser machine.


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Mechanical engraving machine: give depth to your creations!

Mechanical engraving on stone gives a very different result compared to laser engraving. Laser engraving superficially ablates (or discolour) the surface of the stone, giving a ‘bleached’ effect, whilst mechanical engraving physically cuts in depth into the material.


The engraving of headstones can be accomplished with a Gravograph mechanical engraving machine. Once engraved, the message can then be painted or gilded (gold leaf).

Gravograph offers a wide choice of colouring products and paints to give the perfect finish to all your engravings!


The creation and personalisation of stone jewellery (precious stones, natural stone) is also possible with our machining units. Personalise your jewellery pieces in amber, jade etc... By changing their shape, giving free rein to your imagination.


Note: mechanical engraving on stone requires a cooling system in order to prevent overheating and premature tool wear. Air cooling is adequate for engraving small engravings but deep engraving requires continuous lubrication. Ask us for advice on which accessories to use with your machine.

Use a mechanical rotary engraver for deep marking in the following applications:

  • Engraving on graves, headstones
  • Engraving on marblegranite (bas-reliefs, 3D)
  • Shaping of jewellery in natural stone (amber, jade, crystal etc.)

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Creation of a cameo Engraved funerary stone Engraving a marble clock

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Wondering how to engrave stone? Gravograph meets your needs with an engraver adapted to your requirements. Choose the laser or mechanical machine best suiting your application from our selection:

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Gravograph's laser and mechanical machines are designed to perform engravings of impeccable quality that will meet the very highest standards. Benefit from numerous other advantages:

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